Congratulations to the 23 Partners who achieved their 500 + 1 goals last month by selling over $500 in Trades of Hope product and Sponsoring 1 or more new Partner or Affiliate!
We’re excited to announce the Artisan Call this month!  We will be sending you all invitations soon!
Andrea Allen
Audra Norman
Bobbie Lancaster
Charity Cirillo-Ferrell
Erin Vichabian
Jennifer Mills
Jessica Argetsinger
Jessica Winter
Jill Hellwig
Karen Moretti
Kristin Wilkinson
Linda Jenkins
Loria Weidner
Mary Alepra
Melanie Sunukjian
Rachel Petit
Sarah Brooks
Shae Habersham
Stephanie Stauss
Susan Johnston
Tamara Kowal
Theresa Windsperger
Treska Riley