We are so excited to be able to celebrate this week’s continued contribution to the Elevate Hostess Rewards Program! 🎉 We cannot wait to continue to celebrate the success this new Partnership will bring to women’s lives! In the past 7 days we have been able to give 37 days of the program through 20 different parties!  Keep it up! 💕

ALSO: Please note, the total number of donated days has been remedied to also INCLUDE your Hostesses’ orders that surpassed their Hostess Rewards. Simply put, this means whatever your hostesses have paid out of their own pocket on their hostess orders also helps qualify parties towards the number of days donated to Elevate Academy.


Let’s celebrate the Partners (and their hostesses) providing life-changing services to trafficking survivors this week:


4 Days:

Audra Norman

Sarah Brooks


3 Days:

Mary Alepra


2 Days:

Britt Devusic

Diane Combs

Diane Wilson

Jackie Smith

Jessica Winter

Jill Demisse

Kaylee Stranberg

Melissa Patchett

Michelle Theiss


1 Day:

Erin Woods

Jeanne Siroky

Jenny Wilting

Jill Ball

Kara Reardon

Kayla White

Molly McGhan

Nicole Envid