We are so excited to celebrate another successful week of the Elevate Hostess Rewards Program! It is so fun celebrating this partnership that is changing so many women’s lives! In the past week, we provided 74 days of the program through 33 different parties! This brings us to a total of 2344 Days of life-changing holistic care for trafficking survivors THIS YEAR! 

Every single party makes a difference so let’s see how many we can celebrate next week!!

8 Days:
Loria Weider
6 Days:
Janet Davis Treacy
Diane Wilson
5 Days:
Tamara Kowal
Jenny Percic
4 Days:
Alison Lamb
Rebecca Hack
3 Days:
Britt Devusic
Angie Biddle
2 Days:
Mary Alepra
Pam Thompson
Treska Riley
Lynn Hedge
Amy Cowan
Kristian Patino
Amy Bollinger
Sarah Brooks
Winter Heuertz
Audra Norman
Nicole Envid
1 Day:
Erin Vichabian
Kara Oskam
Jennifer Murphy
Colleen Brown
Jill Ball
Ginny Powers
Joy Childress
Melanie Little