Sure, you see Erin post the weekly celebration at 3pm every Monday, but did you know … because you book parties, we send a substantial donation to Elevate Academy every 2 weeks?
We began this Hostess Incentive in 2021. In that year alone, you donated 5,107 days of restorative holistic training to help survivors of human trafficking heal and reclaim their futures – all made possible by the parties YOU are booking!!
So far in 2022, we’ve been able to celebrate another 947 days donated! We’re a little over 4 months in, so if you do the math, you’ll see we need to kick things up a bit if we want to reach last year’s total! 🤔📝🦵💥
Let’s each plan to launch that number higher for next week’s celebration!!! 💹🚀 #TRIPLICATE!
We are so grateful for every effort you put forth to make this partnership a success and help EVEN MORE women get the training + support needed to recover from their past and reclaim hope for their future! 💞
Elevate founder, Rebecca Bender was featured in an interview on CNN last July, discussing her WHY…
Use this link to share her testimony in your VIP groups and parties as you continue to offer your guests the opportunity to make an impact:
If you’re a newer Partner to Trades of Hope and would like to learn more about how your parties can change lives of trafficking survivors here in the US, on top of the good being done around the globe for our Artisan partners, read more here: