Don’t be creepy and wait until tomorrow night to call Customer Service with any questions you can ask today. ðŸ‘ŧðŸĪĄðŸĪ–ðŸ‘―🎃

But if you must, our trusty “CS ghouls” will be available by email and text (386-263-8776) today until 5 pm EST, and tomorrow from 10 am – Noon EST, then 5 – 10 pm EST.

Just keep in mind, they may be jacked up on candy if you wait too long… ðŸŦðŸ˜ĩðŸŦ😝ðŸŦðŸĪŠðŸ§›â€â™€ïļðŸ§Ÿâ€â™€ïļðŸĪ·ðŸ―‍♀ïļðŸ‘€ðŸ˜đ