Congratulations to the 72 Partners who achievedTier 2 of the Rising Together incentive!

Earning this tier gives you:

  • 1 FREE style from the upcoming 2023 Collection!

  • EARLY ACCESS to 4upcoming product releases launching within the next 2 weeks!

Head over to your Sky Wallet, copy the Early Access Coupon code and then go into your Partner Store & click the shopping cart icon. Paste the coupon code in the coupon box and shop away! 🛒🎁

We do ask that you do not share these items publicly until they launch! A sneak peek to your VIP’s can be fun, but showing everything before your customers can purchase them is not going to help build anticipation! This could cause your customers, party guests and hosts to wait until the new items are available to purchase from you, and that is not what you want!

  • Don’t forget, when you achieve ALL 9 tiers of Rising Together, you’ll also earn early access + 10% off the entire 2023 line!

Abby Pherson,
Allison Clark,
Audra Norman,
Barbara Feder,
Bobbie Lancaster,
Brynn Whitehurst,
Carrie Kuehl,
Christi Townsend,
Colleen Brown,
Crista Saeger,
Diane Wilson,
Donna Pearson,
Donna Schroering,
Erin Woods,
Gigi Kayser,
Hannah Hazard,
Heather Cain,
Jackie Smidt,
Jackie Smith,
Jacqueline Childress,
Jacqueline Policastro,
Janine Kuty,
Jennifer Martin,
Jennifer Mills,
Jill Ball,
Jill Demisse,
Jill Hellwig,
Jodie Henderson,
Kara Oskam,
Karen Moretti,
Karla Yatckoske,
Kathy Shake,
Kayla White,
Kimberly Joly,
Kristen Garlinghouse,
Kristin Wilkinson,
Linda Jenkins,
Linda Noel,
Loria Weidner,
Lynn Hedge,
Lynne Hasenei,
Marie Chouinard,
Meghan Armitage,
Melanie Sunukjian,
Melissa Altman,
Melissa Miller,
Melissa Patchett,
Michelle Nichols,
Michelle Theiss,
Monika Majka-Helms,
Nicole Envid,
Pam Thompson,
Rachel Petit,
Rebecca Hack,
Renee Hurnyak,
Robin Kurashewich,
Sally Mccombs,
Sarah Brooks,
Sarah Zigouras,
Sharon Schmitz,
Shelby Black-Couch,
Stephanie Fujimoto,
Susan Johnston,
Tamara Kowal,
Tamara Woodruff,
Tammy Calnan,
Tara Kolker,
Treska Riley,
Tricia Linnell,
Zenia Munger