In light of some recent questions surrounding our Technology Suite and inactive links, we want to revisit some important information we shared last week.  Our Customer Service and Portal Support teams have also received inquiries that can easily be resolved by viewing/editing your Subscription settings in your Partner Portal. 

If you have had any disruptions to your personal website and/or party links, please first follow the steps below to verify you are *subscribed* with your *payment option properly selected* in order to process your Technology Suite subscription:

If you would like to VERIFY you are subscribed to the Technology Suite, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Partner Portal here:
  • In the left sidebar menu, click on My Orders and open the dropdown menu to click on My Subscriptions
  • You will see all your active subscriptions listed here.
  • If you do not see Technology Suite, follow the steps below to subscribe / reactivate.
  • If you do see the Technology Suite shown, click on the EDIT button to see your payment method / CC on file. 
  • MAKE SURE your credit card is SELECTED in order to process the recurring payments (highlighted in green).
  • OPTIONAL: To enable commissions to be used as a payment method for your technology suite, you will go to Profile then choose My Sky Wallet  and click the Enable For Subscriptions Payment button.

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If you would like to SUBSCRIBE to the Technology Suite, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Partner Portal here:
  • Click on My Orders
  • Create a Add NEW Personal Order
  • Search for Technology Suite
  • Click the Technology Suite icon, and once it opens up click Add Subscription.
  • Once your subscription is active, your Technology Suite will be reactivated by Customer Service within one business day of subscription. Once reactivated by our team, your personal website and party links will be live.

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As a reminder …
Now that we have completed the system migration, the process of transitioning out those not subscribed to the Technology Suite has begun.
  • All Partners have access to the Technology Suite for free in their first 30 days from join date.
  • Additionally, ALL Partners were allowed access to these learn/test the Tech Suite features for the month of June, during our system migration.
  • Moving forward, Partners must be properly subscribed to the Technology Suite ($9.95/mo.) in order to maintain their Personal Website, Marketing Emails, Party Links, and more.
Those that are not subscribed will, unfortunately, no longer have access to their Technology Suite and its benefits:
  • No TOH Personal (replicated) Website to process online orders.
  • No replicated website to host your Party Links and take online party orders.
  • Because the system is looking for replicated websites for online shoppers, you will not appear in Partner Searches when customers search for you on the TOH website.
You can still have Parties!
  • To receive credit for your sales, you would just MANUALLY INPUT all of your Customer orders in the Party Manager through your Partner Portal.
  • No online shopping will be available that directs shoppers towards the Partner or her Parties… UNLESS you subscribe to the Technology Suite.
The LOW $9.95/month Technology Suite fee covers: 
  • Your own Personal (replicated) Website
  • Personal Party Links directing customers to shop through you (even shoppers with old links will redirect to your website once parties close)
  • Professional marketing emails highlighting sales and promotions, sent directly to your customers and linking them to your personal website
  • A portion of the software fees and user license accounts incurred by Trades of Hope by offering this service to its Partners.
  • You can set up your Tech Suite subscription to be paid through your Sky Wallet using your commissions!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Home Team!