While our TOH Customer Care team does a wonderful job of assisting all our customers, Partners + Affiliates with outstanding service, today we are focusing on all the ways you can provide your customers with outstanding customer service!  Share your tips in the comments on our Facebook group post that help you create repeat customers and cultivate new relationships!

I’ll start with an edit of a recent tip by Melanie Sunukjian:

  • If you have online parties that have taken place within the last month, you can send a quick customer service message to the group to check in and make sure everyone has gotten their order. And then slip in a graphic and direct link for the latest product release and/or promotion. Here is the wording Melanie used…

  • Hey, Ladies! I am checking in to make sure everyone got all their orders and are THRILLED with their Fair Trade goodies! Private Message me if you have any questions/concerns and I and our amazing customer service team will solve it asap. 👍

Another way you can follow-up with your customers is by showing you care about helping them maintain their ethically made purchases. Click here to download our Product Care Policy to share with them either digitally or print for handouts! It’s one more great reason to initiate follow-up, or provide excellent service with their purchases! 🙂