We are so excited to celebrate that not only have we already sent Lyncie, Deborah V, Shanaelle, and Lourdes Mica to school for a year, but we are now sending Villegtalia Rose to school for an entire year, too! Next up, we are working on sponsoring Deborah Luis!

Remember, for every 12 Partners who reach 1000 QV each month this summer, you will provide a FULL YEAR of schooling for a girl in Haiti, where they can receive an education and get nutritious meals.

Thank you to the following partners for helping Villegtalia Rose go to school!

  • Lynne Simering Hasenei
  • Janet Davis Treacy
  • Jill Correll Ball
  • Michelle Lewis
  • Meghan Armitage
  • Stephanie Newsham
  • Becky Williams
  • Treska Sumner Riley
  • Kimberly Joly
  • Jackie Policastro
  • Melissa Patchett
  • Monika Majka-Helms

Thank you to the following partners for helping Deborah Luis go to school!

  • Loria Weidner
  • Bobbie Jane Lancaster
  • Erin Woods
  • Donna Pearson
  • Melissa Griffith Miller
  • Kristin Wilkinson
  • Shelby BC