We’re kicking the holiday season into high gear this month following last week’s launch of our 2022 Holiday Collection, but there are still so many other areas to highlight this month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so continue to promote this year’s design as an ethical way to #GoPink, that brings jobs to women in East Asia while also giving back to Artisans in Haiti! https://hopecentral.tradesofhope.com/…/the-advocate…/

October is also Fair Trade Month! Trades of Hope is proud to be members of the Fair Trade Federation. We have always been aligned with their principles and hope to inspire other companies to abide by the standards they set forth.

Throughout the month, be sure to highlight the impact your customers’ purchases have on the lives of entire communities around the world.

You can find fair trade graphics in your marketing media library in this and other galleries: https://hopecentral.tradesofhope.com/…/artisan-photos…