Compensation Plan

We love that you have a heart to EMPOWER WOMEN and their families all over the world!

We also realize that you have hopes and dreams for yourself and your family. This is part of what makes Trades of Hope a place of empowerment for all women. Whether you are a part of Trades of Hope for the purpose of helping others, for the sisterhood, to put food on your family’s table, or all of the above, we want your missional business to bless you. Through dignified partnerships, you and our artisan partners are lifting each other up for brighter futures together. This plan will celebrate and reward you, as a Partner, for partying, asking others to join, and selling our products. Most importantly, these actions will empower more women out of poverty! There are women around the world who need an opportunity to work and feed their children, to leave prostitution, and to rise out of desperation.

We pray their dreams will come true, and at the same time, your dreams will come true, too.

Thank you for being an amazing part of this sisterhood and having a heart to help empower women out of poverty!

You have the opportunity to choose two different ways to rise in rank with us!
Rank Route Option 1 involves building a team, helping our Artisans to be more sustainable! Rank Route Option 2 allows you to rise on your own personal sales alone!

Watch below as Executive Director Melissa Patchett explains the Compensation Plan during a breakout session from Inspire 2021:

Click HERE to download Compensation Plan Document

*Updated 10/1/2021