Congratulations on sponsoring a new Partner!

You may be wondering what’s next, and that’s why we sent you the New Sponsor Checklist!


Click HERE to download and print a New Partner Checklist.

Reach out to her weekly to offer support & motivation!

Key Points to look for:

  • Is she close to reaching a goal on her Partner Perks?
  • Is she close to becoming a Qualified Branch?
  • Is she close to her 1,000 in Lifetime Sales and promoting to her first rank of Qualified?
  • Has she Sponsored a new Partner or Affiliate?


You can’t grow what you don’t measure.

Check Her Numbers:

Look at her sales, sponsoring and party numbers each week.

  • Log into your Hope Portal and click on Team
  • You can filter out who you are looking for, or you can click Search. This will show you your entire teams progress for the current month, or the date range you selected.

You can also take a quick glance by clicking on Reports and clicking on My Successline Current Month, which will show your entire teams current monthly sales, how many qualified branches they have, and more!