Hostess Rewards & Join Coupons

We value your hostesses and want to reward them through our hostess rewards program!

A Trades of Hope gathering is more than a party, it’s an opportunity! Your hostess is providing a way for you to share with others the importance of shopping fair trade. At Trades of Hope, we can put a face, a name, and a story of HOPE behind every piece of jewelry, bag, scarf, and home decor that is sold!

As soon as your party reaches $150 with 3 or more orders, the rewards begin! Help your hostess make a wishlist of all the great items she wants through her party sales and the givebacks she would most like to donate. Then make a plan with her to help her reach it. Remember: Don’t forget to remind your hostess that her friends can shop her party link even if they cannot attend the actual home party! Encourage her to pass around a Lookbook and collect as many orders as she can.

When her Qualifying Party Total reaches $500, she will be able to purchase the Hostess Exclusive Elevate Mug made by Artisans in Nepal for HALF OFF, and when her Qualifying Party Total reaches $1,000 she can get the Elevate Mug FOR FREE! This can be a daily reminder of the impact her party made to the Elevate Academy.

Encourage your Hostess to use her Hostess Rewards to earn her Join Collection for FREE!

Click here to read about Join Coupons.

  • Threshold totals must come from 3 unique orders to qualify for Hostess Rewards.
  • Partner Hosted Parties and Vendor Events do not give the Gifts of Hope Givebacks or Booking Rewards associated with the Hostess Reward Program.
  • Orders can only be entered into parties beginning 60 days prior to the event date.
  • Maximum Half Off items earned through Booking Rewards is 5.