What’s a better CAUSE for Celebration than helping others give back to what matters most to them! STARTING TODAY, we are offering a new type of PARTY to offer your Hostesses in addition to the standard party types.

Fundraiser parties are a fantastic way to show your heart through your Trades of Hope business by helping others meet a financial need. 

Trades of Hope is proud to offer CAUSE for Celebration Fundraiser Parties!

Trades of Hope will donate 10% of the Qualifying Party Total* to the 501(c)(3) organization OR cause of your Hostess’ choice*. You, as the Partner, will also donate a minimum of 10% of your party subtotal, making your hostess fundraiser giveback at least 20% of her Qualifying Party Total!

We have created a new informational training page in Hope Central under PARTY TOOLS with complete details: 

  • You’ll find step-by-step instructions for setting up your Hostesses’ Fundraiser Parties, including
  • a link to submit your cause for approval, and
  • an easy-to-follow slideshow with all the training you need to run the party!
  • A dropdown list of FAQs where you can find answers to any other questions.
  • Graphics to help you book Fundraiser Parties and coach your hostesses through the party!
  • *Non-501(c)(3) CAUSE for Celebration applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You will receive a decision within 2 business days.

It doesn’t get any easier — we’ll be here for you every step of the way!

 *Since Trades of Hope donates 10% of the Fundraiser party subtotal to the approved organization or cause, no Hostess Rewards or Elevate Academy days will be donated.

Click the link below for a shortcut to the new FUNDRAISER Party Tools page: 


We care about what you care about. 

Let’s make a bigger difference by working together — with our new CAUSE for Celebration Fundraiser Party!

A brief summary of how this works on YOUR end once you’ve secured a CAUSE for Celebration Party Hostess: 

  • The first step to setting up your Fundraiser Party is to submit her cause for approval. This form can be found in your Hope Portal and in the Hope Central page.
  • Once approved by our home office, the party can be set up as usual in your Party Manager, by simply selecting  FUNDRAISER as the Party type.
  • Submitted forms will be reviewed within one business day, after which you will receive an email with the approval request for any additional info, or reason for denial.
  • When the party ends, there will be no options for Hostess Rewards; the Partner will simply click “close party.”
  • Next, you send a minimum of 10% of your party total to the approved cause within 30 days of the party close date. 
  • Our Home Team takes it from there! We gather reports from all Fundraiser Parties, sending along our portion of the donation to each cause, with a Thank You letter also emailed or mailed to the organization or cause, from Trades of Hope.
  • The hostess and Partner will receive an email from our home team when our donation has been sent to the cause or organization.
  • Find your next Cause for Celebration Hostess and repeat!!

NOTE: Partners may host Fundraiser Parties, but cannot be the recipient of the donation. Therefore, Partners may set up Fundraiser Parties for the causes they care about.

This new party option can help you expand your business as you can reach out to new groups of women who may not have been interested in earning free jewelry for themselves but are very passionate about raising funds for organizations and/or causes dear to their hearts. 


The graphics below can be shared to promote this new party option, but be sure to check out the

CAUSE for Celebration Fundraiser Party

page in Hope Central for complete details on running your parties. 

Click to watch our 5/9/22 Monday Wake Up Call with Janet Treacy about Fundraiser Parties.