Not available to the general public! 


Q: How do World Changers take their coffee? 

A: With a bold reminder of the strength they give others!


Start your day with a reminder of the bold impact you are making with our new EXCLUSIVE, limited edition ELEVATE MUG! 

This mug is ONLY available for purchase by Partners and Hostesses with parties over $500, for your role in helping trafficking survivors through our partnership with Elevate Academy! 

  • Partners are able to purchase these artisanal mugs in the Partner Store to show your hostesses this exclusive item. Not available for Affiliate purchase.

The Elevate Mug is available to the following non-Partner hostesses:

  • Hostesses will qualify to purchase this mug when their party totals $500. They will then see the option to purchase the mug at 50% off ($14.97). This will not reduce the number of Hostess Rewards they have earned to purchase other half-priced items as it is a BONUS Hostess Reward.
  • Hostesses whose parties reach $1,000+ will earn the mug for FREE! (Must select to receive when placing Hostess Reward order)
  • Otherwise unavailable to Hostesses with parties < $500.
  • While Supplies Last.

Not only will your morning coffee remind you of the survivors’ lives you’ve changed across the US, but the mug itself is changing lives of Artisans in Nepal.

I’ll toast to that, World Changer! 




Enjoy your favorite hot beverage in this Artisanal, food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe mug from Nepal! Artisans handcraft each mug with a unique turquoise and white drip-glaze finish. Each time you finish drinking your favorite beverage, seeing the word “Elevate” at the bottom of your cup will remind you of the investment you’ve made into helping sex trafficking survivors in the U.S.A. heal. Every purchase of this Elevate Mug not only supports Artisans in areas of extreme poverty in Nepal, but your purchase also provides free educational and practical resources to sex trafficking survivors in the U.S.A. through Elevate Academy. Elevate Academy is an online program developed by trafficking survivors to help other survivors break free from human trafficking, receive trauma counseling, and discover their full potential to begin new lives with healing and hope. 
Every mug has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!  
  • Care Instructions: Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe 
  • Approx. Measurements: 3 1/2” W x 4” H, 10 fluid oz. capacity 
  • Materials: Stoneware 
  • Color: Turquoise, White
  • Retail Price*: $29.95
  • SKU: HDNC1428

*While the retail price is $29.95, Partners will be able to purchase it at a discounted price of $22.50 in the Partner Store.

Customer (non-Partner) Party Hosts will be able to purchase the mug at Half Price ($14.97) when their party reaches $500 with 3 or more orders and they will receive a free mug when their party reaches $1000 with 3 or more orders.



Binu’s Story of Hope

I’ve been managing the finances of our Artisan community for over fifteen years. I always wanted to be involved as an Artisan and work with ceramics. So two years ago, I began glazing and firing ceramics! Now I oversee production and orders that involve glazing and firing.

Through this Artisan community, I’ve improved my financial status. I feel my communication skills have enhanced too. So, it’s motivated me to stay positive. Being a Trades of Hope Artisan partner has provided an opportunity to make new products and connect with different people – from the raw material collection process to the finished product. One of my favorite moments as an Artisan is when my work was appreciated, and we were given another order for it. I still feel happy thinking about it!


The Impact of Your Purchase  

In many areas of Nepal, lack of education often makes it difficult for families to break cycles of extreme poverty. Lack of opportunities for safe jobs with fair wages often results in the exploitation of vulnerable persons by human traffickers. Every purchase helps provide these Artisans with education, jobs skills training, and seminars about health, nutrition, and women’s rights. Your purchase helps empower families out of extreme poverty in Nepal.  



Download the graphics and images to use as you promote the opportunity to earn a FREE or half-priced mug with your hostesses!