Minimum Leadership Support Policy

To ensure that every Trades of Hope Partner is supported in their efforts, there are certain guidelines and policies in place to outline what is expected of a leader. 

A Trades of Hope Sponsor must provide a minimum level of support to Partners in order to maintain Sponsor status. 

Minimum Support Level: The Sponsor must actively practice the Core Values of Trades of Hope as described in this policy guide and Trades of Hope publications. The Sponsor must exemplify the cornerstone of Trades of Hope leadership by maintaining an active and consistent Home Party schedule. A sponsor must meet $300 in Personal Retail Sales Volume in a month to get the commission earned on their success-line. If the PRV monthly requirement is not met for 6 consecutive months, the Sponsor will lose her success-line all together. 

The Sponsor must actively engage in goal setting and mentoring with the New Partner including, but not limited to: 
  • New Partner Training must be offered to the New Partners by phone or in person within 1 week of the new Partner signing up to be a Trades of Hope Partner. The sponsor must offer several reasonable time slots and be prepared for the training. 
  • Return phone calls or e-mails within three business days unless a Partner has pre-notified her success-line of vacation during which she will be unavailable.
  • Proactive monthly communication from the Sponsor to the success-line by e-mail, phone or in-person meetings to check in with the success-line on business goals and progress.
  • Timely dissemination of information from the Traded of Hope Office. The Trades of Hope Office reserves the right to transfer a Sponsor’s success-line if these qualifications are not met. When a Partner earns Director Rank, they make themselves available to their groups for help and training.