Setting up your profile is the first thing you’ll want to do! Watch this video to walk through setting up each tab.

For more in-depth step by step training, visit each tab below.

My Profile will show your name, your contact information, your replicated website link, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

You will come here to update your personal information, or to opt out of the following communications:

From the My Profile Section, you will also have the ability to create your own CUSTOMER ACCOUNT. This is where you as a Partner will create an account for you to use as a Customer.

From the My Profile tab, you will click the blue button that says “Create Customer from Info”

Your Public Profile will display the information that will be shown on the contact page of your replicated website. Your guests will see this information when they click your name, located in the upper left hand corner of your replicated website.

You can share as much or as little information as you want.

Please note that this information is also used on the website for customers and joining Partners to find you by name/state or zip code.

If you do not include that information on this page, you will not appear in the search results for name/state or zip code search.

You can add your Social Media links, which is a great place for your VIP group or Instagram page!

You will have the option to include a Profile Image and Profile Message, which will display on your Replicated Website to give your customers a personal touch.

By clicking “+ Add New Credit/Debit Card” you will have the ability to add multiple Payment Methods to your profile.

The Credit Card information will be securely stored in your account, and when checking out you will have the option to chose one of your Payment Methods and will only need to enter the CVV code to process your payment.

By Checking the “Set as Default” box when setting up your Payment Method, all of your personal orders will automatically be set to use this payment method. (You will have the option to change to another payment method at checkout.)

Setting up your Default Address will prevent you from having to type your address in each time your place an order. Follow the steps below to set your Default Address.

Street 1 and Street 2: Enter the first line of the address in ‘Street 1’ and, if appropriate, the second line in ‘Street 2.’

City: Enter the name of the city or town.

State/Province: Click the downward arrow to select the state or province. The options displayed in your menu are based on the country selected above.

Postal Code: Enter the postal/zip code. The format for this box is based on the country selected above.

Residential: Use the dropdown to select between Yes or No for residential.

Special Instructions: Extra information in relation for the entered address.

Default: Check this box if the address will be the default address pre-selected for shipping.

Mailing: Check this box if the address will be the address used for company related information or correspondence sent out. Mailing address is first set from the default address from when a consultant joins. This can be updated in the company or consultant portal.

Press Save to record the address.

This is where you set up your methods of receiving your commission payout. Only one method can be active at any time.
To enable and/or edit a method, simply select ‘Edit’ next to that method, make desired changes and save.
Click the Add Payout Method. All Partners must add a payout method in order to be paid their commissions.

This opens the ‘Add/Edit Payout Method’ window:

Payout Method: Click the downward arrow to view the enabled Compensation Payout Methods for which you are eligible.  Click the Method that you would like to use.

Name this Method: You may enter a name for this Method. This name is a handle that’s displayed only to you for easy identification.

Active: To activate this Method, click this box. If you do not want to currently use this Method, leave this box blank.

Minimum Payout: The amount displayed on your page is based on the Payment Method selected above. 

This is the minimum amount that must be met in order for Compensation to be paid.

When your Sky Wallet balance is below this amount, monies are carried forward to future Commission Cycle(s).

Admin Fee: The fee to transfer money into your bank account from your Sky Wallet .50 cents per each transaction.

This is the processing fee that will be deducted for this Payout Method.

Next, you will enter your banking account details for the account you would like to receive commission payments to. Use the image of a check below to find the appropriate numbers.

Choose the account type you would like to receive the payment to.

Your SkyWallet is used to manage all your commission earnings, available credits, and coupons.
  • Enable Commissions to be used for your Subscription Payment (Tech Suite)
  • Transfer your Commissions from SkyWallet into your Bank Account by clicking Withdraw Funds
  • View Pending Commission Transfers
  • View and add your available Coupons
This area displays messages you have received. You may view a note and mark it as read by clicking the View button next to the note in the table below.