We continue our August #TogetherTuesday releases with more gorgeous, coordinating ways to give your home an ethical fall facelift! 


Today we bring you two new home decor releases, designed to coordinate with last week’s designs. Each is made from sustainable materials to give your home that on-trend boho vibe your customers are LOVING! 

Artisans in India are overcoming poverty and discrimination with ethical work that elevates their self-worth, their families’ provision, and now – the look of your autumn tablescape! 

Artisans in Nepal use traditional skills passed down for generations to create modern decor with artisanal flair! Each sale brings opportunity for a brighter future for the maker in Nepal! 



Below you’ll find the Product + Artisan details for this Tuesday’s designs:




This ethically made, single Harvest Placemat from India is meticulously handcrafted using traditional Artisan skills that have been passed down for generations! Custom-dyed cotton strips and loom-woven madur grass make this placemat a beautiful labor of love. This Harvest Placemat is designed to coordinate with your Harvest Napkin and autumn-inspired wooden Pumpkin Trivet, Aspen Leaf Coaster, and Hawthorn Leaf Coaster. You’re empowering a woman in India with an opportunity to lead her family out of poverty each time you add this artisanal placemat to your tablescape! Every purchase supports women in areas of extreme poverty in India.

Every placemat has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Product Details

  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with cold water and mild soap.
  • Approximate Measurements: 19 1/2″ W x 13 3/4″ H 
  • Materials: Madur grass, Cotton
  • Color: Tan, Burnt orange, Red
  • Retail Price: $9.95
  • SKU HDAS1652

The Impact of Your Purchase 

The women we partner with in India do so much more than just create beautiful products. With every purchase, another woman is empowered out of poverty to be self-reliant! Women have the opportunity to earn an income, attend financial management classes, and receive education and health care. These women are now able to give their family a promising future because of your purchase!

 Meet the Artisan: Radharani’s Story of Hope

I learned this traditional skill from my parents who were traditional Madur Artisans. My earnings are very important for my family since my contribution helps a lot to maintain the family. Without my work, it would be very difficult to look after my family.

In my community, I get a lot of respect because of my work I do with Trades of Hope. Once I started receiving orders from Trades of Hope, I became more financially secure, empowered, and able to take responsibility of my family. My dream is to secure our future and prepare our son for a better position in life. Because of my work, I am saving money for that.







Designed to coordinate with your Harvest Placemat and autumn-inspired wooden trivets and coasters, each time you add this single artisanal Harvest Napkin to your tablescape, you’re empowering a woman in Nepal with an opportunity for a brighter future! Each yarn is custom dyed and carefully woven together on traditional wooden looms by women who are passing centuries of Artisan skills down to the next generation. Every purchase supports women in areas of extreme poverty in Nepal.

Every product has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Product Details

  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Line dry. Use a warm iron, if needed.
  • Approx. Measurements:18″ W x 18″ H
  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Color: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green
  • Retail Price: $11.95 (sold individually)
  • SKU HDNC1651

The Impact of Your Purchase 

In many areas of Nepal, women are not considered equal to men and are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. But the women who make this artisanal napkin are earning an income and learning entrepreneurship – giving them confidence to break social norms! Every purchase helps provide them with education, jobs skills training, and seminars about health, nutrition, and women’s rights. Your purchase helps create social change for women in Nepal.

 Meet the Artisan: Shilu’s Story of Hope

Weaving has always fascinated me. I used to watch a brother from my neighborhood weave for hours. I kept learning to weave different patterns by watching others. I would observe them and then try to weave the patterns on my own. I started to buy threads and sold hand-woven Dhakas at markets. But with the increasing prices of threads and lower return of wage, selling dhakas barely covered my expenses. That’s when I learned about this Artisan community.

Everything has changed since I joined this Artisan community. It’s allowed me to turn my passion to weave into a profession I love. I no longer have to worry about finding customers or markets for my products or about getting the right value for my work. Without weaving, I wouldn’t have gained the respect I receive in my community.





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VIDEO: Watch Shilu Weave on Her Traditional Wooden Loom


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