HMP Email Newsletter

Each month, we send email newsletters to your subscribers and those who have registered orders through your Personal Website.  These emails will share special purchases, promotions, artisan stories, and other information beautifully designed and branded specifically for your business. 

When subscribed to the Technology Suite, all links will take your HMP subscribers directly to your Personal Website so that all orders are properly credited to you.

In addition to the Personal Website links, guests will be provided a link to directly email you.

*At the present, custom links to personal business Facebook and Instagram pages are not available.

Please note that if you do not subscribe to the Technology Suite, due to costs associated, you will not have a front-end user license that provides a Personal Website, and:

  • Product and promotional links within the emails will land on the Trades of Hope corporate site and there will be no way for your customer to credit their order to you at time of checkout.
  • Email links will direct to Customer Service which will delay or prevent you from receiving the request. (We will forward all requests to the related Partner provided there is sufficient information to determine who should receive.)