Introducing a new Incentive for Partners running from June – August.

Education is vital for breaking cycles of poverty!!

As a Trades of Hope Partner, you have the opportunity to empower girls this summer by giving books OR DOING EVEN MORE by working collectively to send girls to school where they can receive an education and nutritious meals!  

It may be time for summer vacations here, but we have our sites set on creating brighter futures for girls in Haiti through education this summer! 

Thank you for the impacts you made through our last Partner Incentive, It Takes A Village, which provided Gifts of Hope givebacks based on various levels of  QV achieved. 

With that behind us, we press on with a new Partner  giveback incentive. We invite all Partners to give these girls in Haiti a brighter future through education!!  Our Home Team will be tracking your progress through QV for each month in June, July + August. You have the opportunity to gift a book to a girl through the Lunch Bucket in Haiti when you reach 350 QV each month.

OR, aim higher! 

When you reach 1000 QV each month, your efforts will combine with the efforts of others in our Partnerhood who reach 1000 QV that month to provide a FULL YEAR of schooling for a girl in Haiti, where they can receive an education and get nutritious meals. 



This brand new incentive for Partners is based on QV (Qualifying Volume is the rank qualifying value assigned to various products and business supplies.QV can be equal to or greater than a product’s PRV and is considered toward Rank qualification).

How it works:

  • We will be tracking Partners’ QV in June, July & August for this Summer School incentive.
  • For each of these months in which you reach 350 QV, you will provide a book to a girl in Haiti.
  • OR aim higher by reaching 1,000 QV within each of these months to help send a girl to school in Haiti.

Download + track your progress Summer School PDF (please be patient as file will take time to download the first time)

We will be tracking your progress individually, and provide a year of schooling throughout this incentive for every 12 Partners who reach this monthly 1000 QV goal each month this summer! Working as a collaborative collective, you can give a girl a brighter future! 

We will reward Partners who reach these goals consecutively! 


Reach 1,000 QV in Both June & July – OR Reach 1,000 QV in either month, then reach it again between August 1 – 10th: 

  • Get Early Access AND 10% Discount for Our 2022 Fall Line. 

You’ve rocked this giveback, so you deserve to be REWARDED! Enjoy exclusive access to our 2022 Fall Line before anyone else AND enjoy your early access shopping spree with an exclusive 10% discount! (Early qualifiers get access to purchase on 8/11/22 @ 12pm ET)

Sponsor 5 New Partners Between 6/1 – 8/31:

  • Interactive Call with Alix and Lisa, The Lunch Bucket Founders  

Enjoy an exclusive interactive video call with Alix and Lisa, the founders of The Lunch Bucket and hear firsthand how you’re making an impact on the lives of children in areas of extreme poverty in Haiti!   


Download and share the following graphics to show your customers and potential Partners the impact they can have in a Haitian girl’s life when they shop and/or partner with you! 

Please NOTE: We started this incentive with “Shop to Support (name)” and “Thank you (named)” graphics for each girl awaiting an education in Haiti, as shown in the order to be supported.

  • Once a girl has been gifted her education for a year, the “Shop to Support ___” graphic for that girl will be removed from the gallery.
  • This way, you can return to find the most recent “Shop to Support” graphics to share with your customers, along with all the “Thank You” graphics for those supported already along with those forthcoming.

We look forward to adding more girls to the list as your Summer School incentive success builds throughout the summer! 

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