Home Parties

Woo Hoo! You booked a home party!

Now what?!

Make sure you are in close contact with your hostess! Have her invite all of her closest friends and family through text, phone calls, FB message, etc. She will know the best way to get in contact with her guests. Encourage her to collect outside orders from those who may not be able to attend the actual party.

Encourage your hostess to reach out everyone she has invited, 24 hours before the party to let them know how excited she is to see them all soon!

Don’t have a party booked yet?  Head here to find out how! 

Before the Party:

Avoid the temptation of taking too much to your party! You can simply take the contents of your Join Collection with you and be just fine! Just be sure to check out the Product Status page before you leave, so you are aware of any items currently unavailable or on backorder.

During the Party:

Smile and have fun! This is an opportunity to meet new friends and share how they can create even more HOPE for our artisans! These guests are your future hostesses and Partners ????

After the Party:

Be sure to connect with everyone who attended and send them a thank you note or message! Have 2 dates ready on your calendar and ask EVERYONE when they are booking their fun, hope-filled party!

Helpful Tools

Video Tutorials

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