Personal Website

Your Personal Website is the foundation of your business tools and where most of your marketing, social selling and email tools will link to.  Your Personal Website is not only the storefront for your customers, it is how orders from your online shoppers are tracked to your Partner number.

When setting up your Personal Website, you have the option of adding your profile picture, email, and your phone number for guests to know they are shopping in your store.  You can also add a personal bio, so your shoppers can get to know you and feel connected.

This information will be displayed in a banner across the top of your site on all pages for your guests to see.

In addition to your online storefront, links to your Personal Website will be included in the Hope Marketing Emails that are sent to your subscribers.  These links will include links to Featured Products, Special Promotions, or Specific Pages on your site. Purchases made through these links will be instantly credited to you!

Your Personal Website is included in the $9.95 monthly Technology Suite subscription.  It is important to note that while the Technology Suite is not a requirement of your Partner status, without a Personal Website, links from HMP newsletters and various other marketing tools will be directed to the main Trades of Hope corporate site.

IMPORTANT: If you elect not to keep the Technology Suite and the included Personal Website, your customers will need to provide you with their order, and you will NEED to enter the order into your Partner Portal. NO ONLINE ORDERS will be credited towards the Partner or her parties without a subscription to the Technology Suite.