Our ethically made products are produced by women around the world who are overcoming poverty and human trafficking. At Trades of Hope, we believe that each woman is an artist and entrepreneur. Through sustainable business, our Artisan partners are able to provide for their children, escape sexual exploitation, and create hopeful futures for themselves and their families.

We partner with Artisan communities, workshops, and workrooms in 15 to 18 countries around the world, depending on the season. Some of our Artisan partners specialize in producing seasonal or limited edition products, so our partnership with them is seasonal. Others produce ethically made designs for Trades of Hope all year long.





All of the workshops we partner with have expressed their commitment to upholding fair-trade principles and providing their Artisans with safe workspaces and fair wages. Trades of Hope is also a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.


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Check out each of the countries below to discover more about the Artisans you partner with, as a Trades of Hope Partner or Affiliate. If you’re a Partner, share two or three inspiring Artisan Stories of Hope at every party! Whether you’re a Partner or an Affiliate, posting Artisan Stories of Hope on your social media is a great “non-sales-y” way to share your missional business while spreading a positive message of hope and earning a well-deserved income for being part of the solution to poverty and human trafficking!

Artisan Story Cards – Where Our Stories Collide


Below you’ll find downloadable PDFs of the Artisan Cards.

A collectible story card ships in every order – encourage your customers to collect them all!

Use these as Artisan story cue cards in your parties! 


Click on each title for the downloadable PDF: