Support & FAQs

What are the Requirements to be a Partner?

You must be 18 years or older and a US citizen or permanent resident that resides in the 50 states, with a valid Social Security number or Green Card. You will also need access to a computer and a US credit card or debit card. 

What are the requirements to remain an active Partner?

As a Partner, you must actively sell Trades of Hope products and have a minimum of one commissionable order of any value within the last 12 consecutive months to remain an active Partner. As a Partner, if you have $0 in commissionable sales within a 12 consecutive month period, you will be deactivated. 

What are the requirements to be eligible to earn from my team member's sales?

There is a $300 monthly personal retail volume sales (PRV) requirement if you choose to enter the career track and collect from your success-line. This is to ensure that you are able to train your team in personal sales and are not building a career just on sponsoring. 

If you do not produce a minimum of $300 PRV for at least one month in a six consecutive month period, your success-line will roll-up as per our policy on Roll-Ups. Your personal account is not affected by this compression.   

What is the Technology Suite and how much is it?

The Technology Suite includes many tools designed to work together in helping your business be successful.  It is FREE for your first 30 days. After 30 days, you will be charged $9.95 per month, which can be paid through commissions in your eWallet or by debit/credit card on file. 

Included with your Technology Suite is: 

  • Personal Website – this is the foundation of your business tools and where most of your marketing, social selling and email tools will point.  Your Personal Website is your storefront for your customers and how your orders are tracked to your Partner number. 
  • HMP Email Newsletter – Each month, we send email newsletters to your subscribers and those who have registered orders through your Personal Website.  These emails will share special purchases, promotions, artisan stories, and other information beautifully designed and branded specifically for your business.  When subscribed to the Technology Suite, all links will take your HMP subscribers directly to your Personal Website so that all orders are properly credited to you. In addition to the Personal Website links, guests will be provided a link to directly email you.  You also have the option to include a custom message, your business Facebook page, and your business Instagram page (subject to approval). 
  • SMS Text Messaging – Each month, we send curated marketing texts to your customers that have opted into the program to drive them to your replicated website. These texts do not include links, but are gentle reminders to your customers to visit your Personal Website! 

Subscription to the Technology Suite is optional and may be cancelled at any time by contacting Customer Service. 
Refunds for prior months usage are not available. 

How will my new Partners Join Collection be shipped?

New Partners Join Collections are sent by FedEx within 3 business days of the order being placed and should arrive within 2 weeks. 

What is the best way to store the jewelry in my Join Collection?

To help prevent tarnishing keep your jewelry dry. It is best to store jewelry in an air tight container or tightly sealed bag to keep the pieces protected. Think of your jewelry as the finishing touch and put it on right before you start your day! 

Does our jewelry contain nickel?

Trades of Hope jewelry is handmade by artisans in various countries around the world and are all unique! Some of our jewelry is made using an alloy metal which is a mixture of metals, sometimes including nickel. They are all lead and cadmium free. 

As a standard, we make sure that all earrings do not have posts or ear wires containing nickel as exposure in the earlobe may cause reactions to those with metal sensitivity. 

What is a success-line?

A success-line is the structure of people that you recruit and sponsor as Partners. All of the people signed up beneath you are considered to be part of your success-line. 

What will happen to my team if I cannot make the required minimum to be a sponsor?

The family trees will be visible in the back office so people will be connected and know who is in their success-line and up-line.  After 6 months of not meeting the $300 in sales or purchases, the success-line rolls up to the next qualified leader. 

If someone signs up to be a Partner and did not choose a sponsor, is she starting a new line of Partners or will she be placed?

Trades of Hope reserves the right to place unsponsored Partners at their discretion. We will always do our best to track down how they heard about Trades of Hope, but if the new recruit does not know a Partner, we reserve the right to honor those who have invested in Trades of Hope through training teams by placing these new Partners under them in accordance with the Partner Placement Policy. 

What are your responsibilities when you sponsor a new Partner?

Contact your new Partner as soon as possible to welcome them and get them connected. Walk them through the training area and how to use their back office.  Invite them to join the TOH Facebook group and to download the app to their smartphone.  Be sure to help them achieve their Partner Perks. This is beneficial to you, them, and the artisans right away!  You are responsible to answer any questions they have, encourage and inspire them to success, and get them off to a good start. You are their first line of communication. As your success-line grows and you move up the career track, there is more responsibility with each new rank. See the training area and resource section for more on sponsoring. 

Do my personally sponsored Partners need to be close to where I live?

Your personally sponsored Partners can be from out of state. There are no territories. You can sponsor anyone from any of the 50 states. You do need to be available to them by phone and online at times to help them walk through the back office and training area. This can help motivate and inspire them to success. 

Can a potential Partner choose her sponsor and can they change if they are not happy with them?

At Trades of Hope all new Partners choose their sponsor.  This choice is made online when the new Partner enrolls. The recruit will be asked who they want for a sponsor, and Trades of Hope will honor their choice. We know that the success of a new Partner is largely based on their sponsor and that relationship, so we believe the best person to make that decision is the new Partner. 

The Trades of Hope business model was created for Partners to share, sponsor and bring that person on to her own team. Unfortunately, sometimes the sponsor herself has specific desires such as geographic location.  Once in a great while, there is also the reality that some personalities do not work well together.  It is up to the new Partner to make that decision. The decision must be made while enrolling online. 

For this reason we strongly encourage all Partners who want to recruit to represent themselves in a professional manner and with the highest integrity. We encourage that the recruiting Partner should always be growing in their knowledge of Trades of Hope, and cultivating good relationships with all possible recruits. A Partner will be looking for a sponsor who has the ability to educate, motivate and train them to success. This is the responsibility of the recruiting Partner to demonstrate that she is a knowledgeable leader. 

How often are success-line commissions paid out?

Commission on your personal retail volume is paid immediately. 

Commissions from your success-line will be paid once a month, typically at the beginning of the following month. 

Can I have an order moved into an open party?

We have a very short time frame that allows moving an order into a party. Once the order ships, we are unable to move the order. Please contact customer service with the order number and party number, as soon as possible if a customer accidentally ordered outside of an intended party. 

Can customer orders be combined to save on shipping costs?

We advise Partners to not combine orders at parties to have a lower shipping cost. Combining orders can present problems for Customer Service should an item in the order need to be returned. While we understand the intention of doing this to keep costs as low as possible for customers and hostesses, we believe that our $6.95 shipping charge is very reasonable and ensures that we keep both the company and the artisans sustainable. 

Are cash and carry totals included in hostess credits?

No, your hostess does not earn hostess dollars from cash and carry items sold at her party. We highly suggest that you sell cash and carry items at your own party or through vendor events/fundraisers. 

How do I enter party and hostess orders?

You will place orders through your back office, in the party portal. You will place business supply orders through the Partner store in your back office. Parties remain open for 4 weeks unless you choose to close it earlier. We suggest closing parties within 3 weeks to give yourself a 1 week buffer timeframe. The ordering system will automatically close your party at the end of the 4 week window. The party must be closed immediately after the hostess order has been placed. If orders come in on that party after the hostess order has been submitted, the hostess cannot receive additional credit for those orders. 

Why is sales tax high on the hostess order?

Within the Home Party model, most states view Hostess Dollars and Half-Priced items as a form of “payment” for the product. Because this is considered “payment”, states require that sales tax be paid on the full retail value of a product, even if it looks like you’re only getting charged on a small portion, or nothing at all depending on your reward level. When you see the full sales tax collected on your hostess orders, this is why. 

Also, the percentage of the tax collected is determined through a tax engine that calculates the specific tax for each state and address location. We’ve seen where one person is charged a certain percentage, and their neighbor across the street lives outside the “city limits” and is charged a different amount. Again, this is determined by the State, County, and City where the product is going to be delivered. 

How do I determine the correct sales tax for my customer orders?

To determine the sales tax for your orders please go to for the current rates. The sales tax amount will be based on the shipping location (state, city, county). To ensure you are getting the correct sales tax rate, please search by zip code and not the city. Cities that have multiple zip codes have various rates. 

When determining hostess dollars, do I add tax and shipping before or after the party is totaled?

To determine hostess dollars, you will use all subtotal amounts before tax, shipping, and handling are added to the order. 

When logged into the system, how long do I have to enter the hostess order?

You will have 60 minutes to enter your order. If the order is not completed in that time frame, your window will close and you will have to contact customer service regarding the order. 

My hostess does not want to claim her 1/2 priced items and would like to donate them to me, how would that work?

If your hostess does not wish to redeem her 1/2 priced items but wants you to have them, you can claim the rewards, however, the entire order would have to be sent to the hostess. She would then be responsible to give you those items. 

If your hostess does not wish to redeem her 1/2 priced items but wants you to have them, you can claim the rewards, however, the entire order would have to be sent to the hostess. She would then be responsible to give you those items. 

If I host my own party, can I redeem my hostess rewards for a join coupon and let a friend sign up?

No, only the registered hostess of a party is able to use the join coupon to purchase a New Partner Collection to become a Partner. 

30 Day Policy-If you are not completely satisfied with your Trades of Hope product, you may request to exchange any item or receive a refund (less the cost of shipping & handling) within 30 days of purchase. Your exchange or refund will be processed upon receipt of your returned item at the Trades of Hope Home Office. Original receipt must be included. 

90 Day Policy-Products received damaged in transit or any item with product quality concerns due to defect may be replaced with the same item within 90 days of purchase. Replacement products ship free. This warranty does not cover products damaged through normal wear, accident or misuse. In an effort to save you the price of shipping the product back, we require a photo of any damaged items. If the below picture upload does not work, email your photo to 

How much will I make as a Trades of Hope Partner?

A Trades of Hope Partner has an unlimited income potential and is defined by the individual herself by the time and effort invested in her business. She earns first by selling products to others which will earn her from 25 -35% of the her personal retail volume. Additional income can be earned by building and developing a team of Partners.  Commissions earned from building her success line range from 1 – 9% of the wholesale volumes of the sales generated by the team. 

How do I report my taxes at the end of the year?

As a Trades of Hope Partner, if you earn over $600 in commissions for the year, you will be sent a 1099 at the end of the year to use for your taxes. This is because you are an independent contractor. 

If I have excess inventory, can I sell it on Facebook or other online sites?

You cannot use Facebook or any other online sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, etc., to sell excess inventory. All product purchases must go through your replicated website. Facebook may be used for online parties and marketing your Trades of Hope business. 

Why do we charge tax on shipping and handling and also on the full retail price and not the sale price?

In most states, as a home party company, we are legally required to pay tax on the retail price of an item. This is because the state doesn’t want to miss out on its tax just because we have given something free or at a discount. It’s not Trades of Hope who decides this and we don’t like it either.  It is the state. It’s not for all businesses, just some. That is why you do not see this at your local store.  However, you will find if you win a free car you’ll be taxed on the retail price also. Or if you get a discount on a cell phone you will still pay tax on the retail price. It isn’t the car dealership or your phone carrier who decides this, as much as you might think it is. It is the state. Unfortunately, it’s the same for home party companies too. 

Also, there are a whole different set of rules now when you are working off the internet seeing how you are selling from one state into other states. No state wants to miss its chance at collecting its state tax so we see a lot of odd taxation. 

I have a friend who owns a retail store, can she carry Trades of Hope product?

They need to be a Partner. Once signing on, they can display 1-3 of each product in their store, but they do need to purchase a kit as any orders they take must be placed through the Trades of Hope  back office or their replicated website link. Orders cannot be taken through the store’s point of sale process.  A Partners limit of product to purchase is 3, so she could display 1 item and sell 2 for cash and carry. No more than that can be carried. Keep in mind that hostess rewards cannot be collected off of cash and carry items sold. 

Trades of Hope does not offer their products to be purchased wholesale and sold in any retail stores or online venues by those that are not Trades of Hope Partners. 

What products are non-commissionable?

Kits, kit builders, personal website fees, customer emails, business supplies/materials, hostess orders, and sales tax/shipping tax are not commissionable. 

Can I purchase my own Personal Retail Volume (PRV)?

PRV is expected to be associated with customer sales. To ensure all Partner rank promotions are based upon a sustainable foundation, Partner personal retail volume in any given month must maintain a balance of 65% or more of total volume associated with customer orders. 

As an example: If a Partner has orders in a month that total $1,000 in PRV, a minimum of $650 must be from customer’s orders. 

It is also against Trades of Hope policy for Partners to ask other Partners to make purchases through another Partners party or personal website to increase PRV for herself or another team member. 

While you are welcome to place personal purchases in reasonable quantities through your own personal website/party link or anyone on your team’s personal website/party link, these purchases should not be with the sole intent to make paid as rank, earn incentives, and must not be more than the listed amount above. 

Volume should always be generated as organically as possible without ever pressuring or asking other Partners to buy under you or your branches. Such behavior may result in the loss of rank or permanent termination at Trades of Hope. 

How do I track an order?

A Partner may track an open order by: 
– Logging into your back office 
– Select “Reports”, “Order History” 
– Copy the tracking number from the right-hand side 
– Paste the tracking number into Google 
– View the tracking information 

What does TOH ship/TOH drop ship mean?

A coupon was applied to the order and you will see a tracking number once the order ships. 

Can I edit my order?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we are unable to edit. 

What is the graphics policy?

Registered trademarks of Trades of Hope, LLC include the Trades of Hope logo are protected under trademark law. 

For our Trades of Hope Partners, a special Partner Trades of Hope logo is provided for their use when creating documents. Partners may not use the Trades of Hope corporate logo for any purposes, but may use the specially designed Partner logo that represents the document as Partner created and not corporately created. 

Partners may not edit or alter graphics or photos that are released by Trades of Hope. It is encouraged that they share Trades of Hope graphics just as the company created them. 

Trades of Hope appreciates the input of our Partners, however, Partners creating their own graphics is strongly discouraged. Trades of Hope provides graphics for every promotion, as well as multiple photographs for incentives. Statistically, customers interact more with photos of Partners enjoying their lifestyle, posting photos of their own jewelry, and photo images rather than graphics that are made at home. Trades of Hope works hard to provide graphics that fit customer needs so each Partner can focus on spending time growing their businesses. Any suggestions for needed graphics may be placed in the suggestion box. Any information, product suggestions, or general comments provided through to Trades of Hope through our site(s) or suggestion box shall become the property of Trades of Hope, LLC. 

Does this mean I am allowed to make graphics?

No, this means whatever graphic you create then you will need to use the Partner Logo instead of the Trades of Hope logo. This logo can be found in the marketing media library under branding tools.