Online Parties

Online parties are a great option for your business! You can expand the parties you do by finding hostesses in areas that are not local to you, or you can use Online parties for times that the weather makes it unsafe to travel, and so much more! There are a lot of different ways to do Online parties so find what will work best for you and your hostess, but here are some tips that may help along the way!

5 Party Principles:

  1. Find out why your hostess booked (what is she most excited about?) Coaching her will be the key to a great party!
  2. Select just a few products that you will highlight in your Online party. This will keep your guests from being overwhelmed.
  3. Show your hostess and guests how much fun you are having. This will increase the likelihood that others will book from this party.
  4. Make a connection. Go live in your party so that your guests can build rapport with you. It will make them feel more like they know you.
  5. Be sure to follow-up with each guest after the party! Excellent Customer Service will set you apart from all of the others.
For tips on how to book parties, click here!

Video Tutorials

*Note: Hostess Orders do not count towards PRV. If your hostess wants to place an order above and beyond her Hostess Rewards, you may place a separate order for her BEFORE placing her Hostess Order, which will count towards her party total and your PRV. (*She would need to pay shipping on both orders)