Graphics Policy

We have created a marketing section in your back office to equip and organize your business for greater success. This marketing tab will have all the essential marketing materials you will need for each marketing campaign. This area contains the graphics and materials you need to run your business! In the event you need an outside graphic and choose to create one, Trades of Hope provides a special Partner logo that should be placed on the graphic. Partners are asked not to use the corporate Trades of Hope logo for graphics. 
This will help you and your customers know what graphics are officially from Trades of Hope to avoid any confusion. We also want to encourage and remind you to use the provided marketing materials created by the Home Team whenever possible! 

Marketing Policy

Registered trademarks of Trades of Hope, LLC include the Trades of Hope logo and are protected under trademark law. 
For our Partners, a special Trades of Hope Partner logo is provided for use when creating documents. Partners may not use the Trades of Hope corporate logo for any purpose, but may use the specially designed Partner logo that represents the document as Partner created and not corporately created. 
Partners may not edit or alter graphics or photos that are released by Trades of Hope. Company provided graphics should be used or shared as created. 
Trades of Hope appreciates the input of our Partners, however, Partners creating their own graphics is strongly discouraged. Trades of Hope provides graphics for every promotion, as well as multiple photographs for incentives. Statistically, customers interact more with photos of Partners enjoying their lifestyle, posting photos of their own jewelry, and photo images rather than graphics that are made at home. Trades of Hope works hard to provide graphics that fit customer needs so each Partner can focus on spending time growing their businesses. Any suggestions for needed graphics may be placed in the suggestion box. Any information, product suggestions, or general comments provided through to Trades of Hope through our site(s) or suggestion box shall become the property of Trades of Hope, LLC. 

This is an example of a graphic created by one of our Partners, Stephanie Blessman, who correctly used the Partner logo.