Partner Placement Policy

When a new Partner signs on direct with Trades of Hope and does not have a sponsor, a group of qualifying Managers and above may be eligible to receive this new Partner on their team. To qualify for this group, Trades of Hope measures Rank, Sponsoring, and PRV thresholds in the prior month. A Partner qualifies for this group by: 

  • Having the Lifetime Rank of MGCE or above 
  • Being a Paid as MCE or higher in prior month 
  • Earning $1000 in PRV in prior month 
  • Having a minimum of one personally sponsored Partner in prior month 

*Consideration to Location (Proximity Clause): If an enrolling Partner is unsponsored and has a home address within 60 miles of a Partner who qualifies within this pool, precedence will be given to the qualifying Partner closest in proximity. If a qualified Partner is awarded a new Partner based upon location, the qualified Partner will then be moved to the bottom of the assignment order. 

How assignment works: 

    1. Partners qualifying for the Partner assignment group will be prioritized based upon the Partner who enrolls the most new Partners in the prior month. If tied, the tie will be broken by looking at prior month’s PRV, ranking highest to lowest.
    2. When a new Partner enrolls direct with Trades of Hope, that new Partner will be assigned to the highest prioritized qualifying Partner (top of the list). (*consideration is given to the proximity clause)
    3. Once a qualifying Partner has been assigned a new unsponsored Partner, that qualifying Partner will move to the bottom of the list and will progress back up the list as additional new Partners are assigned, and the receiving Partners are moved to the bottom.

NOTE: The list of qualifying Partners will reorder on the first day of each month, and Partners must qualify each month to achieve or remain on the list 

EXAMPLE: If a Partner is paid as a MGCE, had at least $1000 in PRV and sponsored at least one Partner in the month of May, she would qualify to be eligible to receive a new Partner in the month of June. (She is not guaranteed a new Partner and will only receive one if it is her ‘turn’ in the cycle). 

* Trades of Hope reserves the right to consider additional factors other than location when in the best interest of the new Partner. Along with this, Trades of Hope reserves the right to make changes at any time. In certain circumstances, Partners may be assigned direct to Trades of Hope.