Roll-Up Policy

The Roll-Up policy is to ensure that all Partners have an active and engaged Sponsor who is leading by consistent example.

Roll-Ups occur when a Partner who has sponsored a team:

  1. Terminates her Independent Partner Agreement as a result of Resignation, Deactivation or Home Office Termination,
  2. Fails to meet the minimum leadership qualifications for their rank.

At the time of a Partner’s Roll-Up, every Partner below her will immediately be rolled up to the next qualified Partner. Roll-ups can occur immediately and without prior notification at the discretion of Trades of Hope. They are effective in the month executed and will not be retroactive to the date of the original request. If a Partner is not Qualified (i.e. does not have accumulated $1000 in Personal Retail Volume during her lifetime) the Partner will not earn success-line commissions. If a Partner does not produce a minimum of $300 PRV for at least one month in a six-consecutive month period, her success-line will roll-up as per our policy on roll-ups. The Partner’s personal account is not affected by roll-ups.